Our Story

Kind words for kids was born out of my love of words, language and the deep desire to raise healthy, happy and secure children. Kind words for kids are a set of affirmation cards that help children build a positive and healthy self image.

Much of a child's self esteem is formulated in the early years by parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and even the media. By using these affirmations in early parenting / teaching we can help our children to build the mental strength they will need in life, to survive and thrive. Healthy self-esteem helps children to feel positive about themselves and their lives. It equips them with the confidence to deal with life's ups and downs.

In today's world where mental health issues and bullying are rife among school children and adolescents, it is more important than ever to make sure we send our children out into the world with their cups full. I myself suffered from bullying throughout my childhood, the scars of which remained unhealed well into adulthood. Through the process of using these affirmations for my own two children, I found that not only could I teach them to love themselves, but that I could also learn to love myself in the process. I just had to share that kindness with the rest of the world.

“As a child clinical psychologist these cards are a welcome addition to my professional toolkit. I have had such positive feedback from families I used them with.”