Using the Cards

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How do I use the affirmation cards?

These beautifully illustrated affirmation cards, can be used daily or whenever you feel your child needs a boost of self esteem. They can be used as discussion topics at the dinner table or on the school run. You can put them in your child's lunch box as a love note or stick it on the mirror for them to ponder while they brush their teeth. Kind words for kids have so many uses in the classroom too: as conversation starters or as a tool for counsellors to help students open up and build confidence. They make great gifts for children, grandchildren, parents, teachers and counsellors.
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Using the cards in the home or classroom

  1. Use the affirmations as cues for discussions, guided writing or journaling. Ask your child what the affirmation means to them and to give examples of a time they were brave or strong etc.
  2. Set a daily or weekly intention. Choose a card with a character trait you would like your child to focus on and praise them whenever they display it.
  3. Praise and acknowledge children when they display one of the character traits by giving them one the cards.
  4. Hang the cards up for children to have visual reminders of the home and class values and expectations.
  5. Use the card as a love note for your child. Hide them in a lunch box, under a pillow or in their backpack to remind them of how special they are.
  6. Enjoy some quiet time by using the cards to encourage mindfullness. Ask you child to take deep and slow breaths repeating the affirmation each time. Encourage them to be aware of how it feels.

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